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Domain Names & Hosting

A domain name is an address where your new website will be found.
Web hosting is the space where your website files live.
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Website Design

An effective website design shows your product or service, organization or event off to the world.
The first impression about your product or service.
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E-commerce Websites

An e-commerce website is when you want to sell multiple products or services.
A shopping cart so that multiple items can be added to the cart.
Products with various product options such as colors and sizes etc.

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Choose your starting point

We design custom websites, meaning you have options and as many options as you would like.
Choose your starting point below, then choose any additional add-ons you would like.

Simple Website

A small and simple website that gets to the point. (1-2 page layout)

Great for a landing page, also if you want a quick and starting web presence.

Informational Website

A business website that states the Who, What, When, When and Why of your business.(4-5 pages)

This is a great starting place for any business, can include a welcome page, services page, about us page, contact page etc.

Website includes:

Slideshow: 3-4 Slides / Banners - used to display a call to action, display a product or service.

Content Pages: 4-5 content pages - This is your Welcome Page, Contact Us Page, About Us Page etc.


  • More Pages
  • More Slides
  • Detailed Contact Form
  • A blog
  • Photo Gallery
  • Paypal Buttons
  • Embed social media (videos, posts etc.)
  • A Countdown clock
  • Google News
  • Testimonial Scroller
  • Event Calendar

Note: Some plugins, features or stock photos will have additional fees associated.



Website Development Process:

Our websites are developed generally within four phases, during a four-week time frame. (adjustments can be made to this schedule based on your individual needs). If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Phase One: The Discovery Session, prior to the building of the website. During this time we will discover what your goals are for the website, the features you want on your website, the colors, and feel of your website. At this time we will also discuss what content needs to be provided by you for the website. Tip: Website content should be submitted print-ready meaning spell checked, and indications of the call to action content or content that should be emphasized.

Phase Two: Create Layout, this occurs within the first week of development we will be creating the general foundation of your website, if its a website redesign the creation of the new layout, creating the site navigation and the structure of the pages, etc.

The Third Phase of your website development which occurs within the 2nd and 3rd weeks will be mainly the content placement, links, images, implementing the various features we have discussed during the discovery phase. The order of the development of the content and features will be based on how soon you get the content over to us, such as images and bios and other pertinent information.

The Fourth Phase: Edits - During the final week of your website development, we will be completing edits as you submit them, changes you would like to see and finalize of the website design and the official launch.

Last but not least the Bonus Phase: During this time now that your website is officially launched, and you have unveiled it for the world to see, any minor edits or tweaks that you come across will be completed, this does not include adding new features or major design and layout changes, (but we can discuss how we can implement those new ideas).  The timeframe for this phase is 3 weeks.