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What can an updated website do for you!

get an updated website. Your website can work for or against you.

Do you need an updated website? If you think the answer is no, then read on…

So you started your website a few years ago, and you feel like you don’t need the website, it’s just there because perhaps you have enough clients, you get referrals other ways than on your website, if you are an accountant, a lawyer or a contractor you feel like you have existing repeat clients so your website is not that important to you. Or perhaps you feel like your website is only there because you have an email account associated with it.  Well here are a few things you should think about:

A website can provide information that you are typically asked one on one.

A website can provide forms or reference materials to share to save you time.

In a smaller business, your website could work for you as an extra employee.

Definitely, consider this if you already have a successful business and don’t need any more clients, (yes this exists).  If your website looks ancient and outdated.

Use your updated website as an online presence.  Just as you wouldn’t want a client or business person to hand you a worn out, old business card your website is your online business card, your website should at least reflect your clientele. They will be the ones referring…or not referring.

It is not just about “having a presence,” not maintaining your web presence is almost worse than not having one. Having an updated or new website would show your existing clients that you are staying up-to-date and keeping up with ever-changing industries. It would instill a sense of security, that his business is doing well rather than a client of his going to the site and thinking “oh my ‘name your business’ guy hasn’t updated his website in 5 years, maybe he’s out of touch.” High net-worth clients want to know they’re secure, so you need to make sure your brand image shows that.

Even established businesses bring in new business by referrals from current clients that will likely visit his website to check him out. The above reasoning applies to referrals too – even more-so!

An updated website is not just a tool to get new clients, it also represents your business to your competitors! If your web presence is outdated then you may gain the reputation in the industry as being old and outdated.

Also, remember that old technology is insecure. An old site can be easily hacked, which would be annoying at the least, but at the most could pose a problem with identity theft and access to your web accounts. Even a website built one year ago need security upgrades and maintenance.

Make sure your website is working for you! As a matter of fact, your website is not neutral, your website is either working for you or against you!

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