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How to Prepare Content for Print Marketing

Here are 10 tips to guide and help you prepare content for print marketing and promotional advertising pieces such as brochures or postcards for marketing.

Whether you are preparing content for an upcoming event, promoting a product or service follow these tips.

Prepare Content for printing projects.

#1. Go for a branded look, not a template design. This brands your product, service or event and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

#2. Decide if you will be using the final design for online promotion i.e online flyer or printed flyer. Your graphic designer will need to know this information.

#3 Know what size your design needs to be created in, in most cases if its a design for social media a quick google search will let you know the answer. If it’s for print, ask your printer what size is needed as well as any other specifications they may have.

#4. Have an idea what you want your finished project to look like. What colors, what style, have a few examples to show what you want the outcome to be. You can find great design concepts by doing a Google Image Search.

#5 Use a content gathering form to help you capture all the details you may be forgetting such as social media links, pricing etc.

#5. Know the purpose of your design, what are you trying to accomplish? The design can be to share information, an event promotion a product promotion. All promotions should have a clear call to action statement.

Tip! Don’t forget the little important event details!

#6. Don’t forget the little important details. For example, if its an event promotion:

Event Details:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Price
  • RSVP details
  • Listing of Speakers or Special Guests

#7 Quality images, you can provide your own images, such as logos or stock images or design elements or your graphic designer can help you choose images that make your promotional piece stand out from the crowd!

#8 Print-ready content, meaning you need to ensure all spelling is correct. And formatted where it should be, for example, bolded or italics etc.

#9 Effective content should answer these questions: who, what, where, when and why.

#10 Here are a few links to help you prepare content.

Choose your fonts

Choose your color scheme

Select your images.

Content gathering questionnaire.

Bonus Tip: The choice is yours.

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