The two tools you need to have before you can start your website design, a domain name, and website hosting.


Secure your website hosting.

Purchase your plan. (29.95 per mth)

  • Hosting is where your site will live, where the files for your site will be.
  • Hosting is $29.95 per month and can be paid monthly or annually.
  • The hosting plan includes minor website content updates or image additions as needed.
  • As your website designer, we provide specialized hosting plans just for the websites we develop.


Search for your domain name.

Purchase your domain name. (approx $9.99/yr.)


Unlimited potential. Unlimited names. .COM's just $9.99 each!

  • Once you click the green link above do a search for the domain name you want.
  • Make sure the domain spelling is correct.
  • Choose if you want to purchase additional domains with name extensions such as .org, and .com or .net etc.



A domain name is an address that persons will use to find your website.
When purchasing your domain name, you should also consider domain variations, domain renewals, privacy and domain email etc.

#1 Consider Variations. Securing multiple variations and extensions ensures visitors will always find the correct site and not a competitors site. If you start your website at for example, someone else can purchase or .net etc - when visitors trying to find you find their site it may confuse your potential site visitors.

Also, for this reason, you may also want to secure additional domain name variations such as or or

#2 Domain names renew annually.  You have the option to purchase your domain name for one year or for several years. Add the domain renewal dates to your calendar, failure to renew your domain before its expiration date can allow your domain name to be purchased by someone else.

#3 Spell check. Check the domain spelling name before purchasing.

#4 Purchase site privacy. (approx $7.99 /yr)

  • This reduces spam, as domain name ownership as in owners name and address is public information.
  • This also renews annually.
  • Even if you already own a domain you can still get domain name privacy, click here.

#5 Purchase an email account. (starts at $1.99/mo)

It is recommended to have an email address that matches your website.

Search for your domain name. Purchase your domain name. (approx $9.99/yr.)

Unlimited potential. Unlimited names. .COM's just $9.99 each!

These are the basic setting you have to have in place before launching your website.
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If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.